The Exhibits Area at an
American Numismatic Association
Anniversary Convention

last update: Nov 17, 1998

The Exhibits Area will be one of the highlights of the annual convention. The many exhibits can be viewed at your liesure, as your schedule permits, during the long public viewing schedule. There is no need to view it all at once. View a few groups at a time, between the meetings and lectures that are so much a part of the convention experience.

A large exhibit area means there will be so many exhibits on so many different topics. Some topics you already know, and can appreciate the subtle points and accoplishments of the exhibitor. Some topics are new to you, and you learn from them. There are even some fun exhibits; you can tell that the exhibitor had fun with this, and it is contagious. Each exhibit tells a story; either a story about numismatics, or it uses numismatics to tell about a distant time or place.

The key ingredient for an exhibit is information. Think of your favorite area in numismatics. You have acquired some interesting pieces, a few stories, and have an idea of how it all goes together. All the makings of an interesting exhibit.

As with most things in life, there are rules and procedures to be followed. For instance, an application must be received at ANA headquarters by June 14, 1999; this allows us time to acquire enough display cases and arrange the area so that all similar exhibits are grouped together.

Not all numismatic conventions approach exhibits the same way. If you have not attended an ANA Anniversary Convention recently, here are a few general points to remember.

A complete information packet, including application form, is available by request. Please contact:

Rachel Irish
American Numismatic Association
818 North Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
phone 719-632-2646 FAX 719-634-4085

The above links introduce you to the procedures of exhibiting at an ANA Anniversary Convention. The topical groupings (classes) of exhibits, the award for each class, and the rules for exhibiting are covered. If you have any questions, if anything does not make sense, please email me. My job is to help you.

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