Perspectives in Numismatics

Studies Presented to the Chicago Coin Club

edited by
Saul B. Needleman

© copyright 1986 by
Chicago Coin Club
ISBN 0-89005-438-X, Ares Publishers, Inc.

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Chicago Coin Club

This is a work-in-progress. The porting of this work to the 'net started on 12 April 1996, and will require many months of work. The lightly-illustrated pieces will be brought up first; it will take a while to obtain the original photographs, so most illustrations should be considered space-fillers.

Table of Contents

Saul B. Needleman
List of Officers and Committee Members
Richard Yeoman


The Coin Portrait of Phillip II
Al. N. Oikonomides
Eight Hundred Years of Roman Coinage (your browser needs html 3.0 support for viewing the Greek font) (no illustrations yet)
David R. Sear


Medieval European Coinage
John F. Lhotka, Jr. M.D., PhD.
A Coin Called Peso
Miguel L. Muñoz, NLG
Economics of English Coinage Denominations (no illustrations yet)
Saul B. Needleman, PhD.
Early Coinage of Moscow (no illustrations yet)
Gerard Anaszewicz


It Makes Cents
John Wright
The Earliest Money Using the Dollar as a Unit of Value (no illustrations yet)
Eric P. Newman
Courtney Coffing


English Merchant Tokens (no illustrations yet)
Richard Doty, PhD.
Collecting U.S. Tokens: Challenges and Rewards
Robert D. Leonard Jr., NLG
Jetons - Their Use and History
Bert van Beek (Trans. by Robert Schulman)
Caudillism as Demonstrated by Bolivian Propaganda Coinage (no illustrations yet)
George Lill III


The Coin Hobby as I See It
Q. David Bowers
Donors and Donations: The Smithsonian's National Numismatic Collection (no illustrations yet)
Elvira Clain-Stefanelli
Coins: Mirrors of Art and Reflections of Taste (no illustrations yet)
Cory Gillilland
B.U. or Beware!
Donn Pearlman

The Club

History of the Chicago Coin Club (not many illustrations yet)
Carl Wolf and Jennie Sochon