22d Congress,
2d Session.
[Doc. No. 54]
Ho. of Reps.

Mint of the United States

. . . . . . . .

from the
President of the United States,

Transmitting a Report of the Operations of the Mint during the year 1832.

. . . . . . . .

January 21, 1833.

Read, and laid upon the table.

. . . . . . . .

Washington, 19th January, 1833.

I transmit to Congress a report from the Director of the Mint, exhibiting the operations of that institution during the year 1832.


To the Hon. the Speaker
    Of the House of Reps. United States.

. . . . . . . .

Mint of the United States,
Philadelphia, January 15, 1833.

Sir: I have now the honor to submit a report on the general transactions of the Mint during the last year, ending 31st December.

The coinage effected within that period amounts to $3,401,055  60, comprising $798,435 in gold coins, $2,579,000 in silver, and $23,620 in copper, and consisting of 9,128,387 pieces of coin, viz.

Half Eagles, 157,487 pieces, making $787,435
Quarter Eagles, 4,400 do. do. 11,000
Half Dollars, 4,797,000 do. do. 2,398,500
Quarter Dollars, 320,000 do. do. 80,000
Dimes, 522,500 do. do. 52,250
Half Dimes, 965,000 do. do. 48,250
Cents, 2,362,000 do. do. 23,620
9,128,387 $3,401,055

Of the amount of gold coined within the past year, about $80,000 were derived from Mexico, South America, and the West Indies; $28,900 from Africa; $678,000 from the gold region of the United States; and about $12,000 from sources not ascertained.

Of the amount of gold of the United States, above mentioned, about $34,000 may be stated to have been received from Virginia; $458,000 from North Carolina; $45,000 from South Carolina; $140,000 from Georgia; and about $1,000 from Tennessee.

The following statement exhibits the quantity of gold received from those districts of the United States which have thus far produced it in quantities sufficient to attract notice, commencing with the year 1824. Up to that period it had been recived at the Mint only from North Carolina, fro which quarter gold was first transmitted for coinage in the year 1804. During the interval, however, from 1804 to 1823, inclusive, the amount had not exceeded $2,500 yearly.

Virginia. North
Georgia. Tennessee. Alabama. Total.
1824 $  5,000 $  5,000
1825 17,000 17,000
1826 20,000 20,000
1827 21,000 21,000
1828 46,000 46,000
1829 $  2,500 134,000 $  3,500 140,000
1830 24,000 204,000 26,000 $ 212,000 466,000
1831 26,000 294,000 22,000 176,000 $ 1,000 $ 1,000 520,000
1832 34,000 458,000 45,000 140,000 1,000 678,000
86,500 1,199,000 96,500 528,000 2,000 1,000 1,913,000

It is renered highly probable, by estimates entitled to great respect, that the quantity of gold of the United States delivered at the Mint within the last year does not much exceed the one-half of the production from the mines - nearly an equal amount being supposed to have been exported uncoined, or employed in the arts. If this conjecture be nearly correct, the production of gold from the United States during the year has not been less than a million and a quarter of dollars. This may be regarded as equal to one-sixth part of all the gold produced within the same period, from the mines of Europe and America, estimated according to the results of recent years, as give by the best authorities.

The prevalence of a fearful epidemic in this and other cities of the United States was sensibly felt in a diminution of the usual demands on the Mint, and its productiveness within the third quarter of the year. In every department of the institution, labor was, during the prevalence of the danger, more lightly exacted; and it is stted, with much pleasure, that no individual employed in the establishment became a subject of the disease.

Operations, I have now the satisfaction to say, have been commenced in the new Mint for the proof of the machinery; and all the departments of the institution will be transferred in a few days to that edifice.

I have the honor to be, with great respect,
Your obedient servant,


The President of the United States.