20th Congress.
No. 827
1st Session.


Communicated to the House of Representatives, January 21, 1828.

To the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States:

A report from the Director of the Mint, together with a statement of the operations of that institution during the year 1827, is herewith transmitted to Congress.


Washington, January 21, 1828.

Mint of the United States, Philadelphia, January 1, 1828.

Sir: I have the honor to submit a report on the general transactions of the Mint during the past year.

The coinage effected within that period, as appears from the Treasurer’s statement, herewith transmitted, amounts to $3,024,342 32, consisting of 9,097,845 pieces of coin, viz:

Of gold 27,713 pieces, making $131,565 00
Of silver 6,712,400 pieces, making  2,869,200 00
Of copper  2,357,732 pieces, making 23,577 32

9,097,845 pieces, making 3,024,342 32

Of the gold bullion deposited at the Mint within the past year the proportion received from Mexico, South America, and the West Indies, may be stated at $76,000; that from North Carolina at $21,000 and that from Africa at $15,000; leaving about $20,000 derived from sources not ascertained. The whole amount received from North Carolina to the present time is nearly $110,000. This gold has generally been found to exceed in fineness the standard of our gold coins.

The supply of silver, under various forms of unwrought bullion, and in foreign coins, has been unusually abundant, especially during the first three quarters of the year. The heavier deposits have been received generally through the Bank of the United States. Of the amount of silver coined within the last year, more than $2,000,000 consisted of deposits received from that institution.

The amount of copper coins distributed within the last year is $21,910. They are forwarded, as heretofore, at the expense and risk of the Government, to all parts of the United States accessible by regular means of transportation, on receiving the value thereof here, or a certificate of deposit to the credit of the Treasurer of the United States for the requisite amount, in any of the banks authorized to receive deposits of public money.

A general view of the operations of the Mint from its first commencement will not, it is believed, be found destitute of interest, and is, therefore, respectfully presented.

The whole coinage executed since the establishment of the Mint amounts to $30,465,444 14½, consisting of 103,081,178 pieces of coin, viz:

Of gold 1,538,161 pieces, making  $8,255,667 50
Of silver 47,389,086 pieces, making 21,695,899 90
Of copper  54,153,931 pieces, making 513,876 74½

103,081,178 pieces, making 30,465,444 14½

Within the first fifteen years of the operations of this establishment, beginning with the year 1793, and ending with 1807, the amount coined was $6,482,613 68½; in the succeeding ten years, ending with 1817, the amount coined was $7,115,979 85; and in the last ten years it has been $16,266,850 61.

The average annual coinage of the first period above designated, it will be found, was $432,114 24; that of the second, $771,597 98; and that of the last period, $1,626,685 06. The coinage of the last year exceeds by nearly a million of dollars that of any year preceding, and is nearly two fold the average amount of the period to which it belongs.

I have the honor to be, with great respect, your obedient servant,


The President of the United States.

A statement of the coins struck at the Mint of the United States from January 1 to December 31, 1827, inclusive.

Silver coins. Dimes. Quarter
Quarter ending 31st March 205,000 1,203,400 $622,200 00
Quarter ending 30th June 350,000 1,513,000 791,500 00
Quarter ending 30th September   360,000 1,342,000 707,000 00
Quarter ending 31st December 300,000 4,000 1,435,000 748,500 00

Total 1,215,000 4,000 5,493,400 2,869,200 00

Gold coins. Quarter
Quarter ending 31st March 2,800 4,230 $28,150 00
Quarter ending 30th June 7,897 39,485 00
Quarter ending 30th September   7,462 37,310 00
Quarter ending 31st December 5,324 26,620 00

Total 2,800 24,913 131,565 00

Copper coins. Half
Cents. Amount.
Quarter ending 31st March 280,000 $2,800 00
Quarter ending 30th June 1,048,832 10,488 32
Quarter ending 31st December   1,028,900 10,289 00

Total  2,357,732  23,577 32

6,712,400 pieces of silver coins, amounting to $2,869,200 00
27,713 pieces of gold coins, amounting to 131,565 00
2,357,732 pieces of copper coins, amounting to  23,577 32

9,097,845 pieces of coins, amounting to 3,024,342 32

Mint of the United States, Treasurer’s Office, Philadelphia, December 31, 1827.