16th Congress.
No. 618
2d Session.


Communicated to the Senate, February 16, 1821.

Washington, February 14, 1821.

To the Senate of the United States:

I transmit to Congress a report from the Director of the Mint, enclosing a statement of the treasurer, submitting the operations of the Mint for the last year.


Mint of the United States, January 1, 1821.


I have now the honor of laying before you a report of the operations of the Mint during the last year.

From the statement of the treasurer, herewith transmitted, it will appear that, during the above period, there have been struck at the Mint—

In gold coins, 263,806 pieces, amounting to $1,319,030 00
In silver coins, 1,821,153 pieces, amounting to 501,680 70
And in copper coins, 4,407,550 pieces, amounting to 44,075 50

making, in the whole, six million four hundred and ninety-two thousand five hundred and nine pieces, amounting to one million eight hundred and sixty-four thousand seven hundred and eighty-six dollars and twenty cents.

The above coinage of gold and silver has, in fact, been the work of no more than nine months; for, from the deficiency of deposites, the actual coinage did not commence till the beginning of April, and was even afterwards frequently interrupted from the same cause. The press employed in the copper coinage did not continue in operation more than six months, as the quantity of copper coins had accumulated far beyond the public demand.

From the above statement, with other well ascertained data, it may, I presume, be confidently affirmed that the Mint, in its present improved state, will be found fully adequate to all the purposes for which it was originally established.

I have the honor to be, with perfect respect, your most obedient servant,


James Monroe, President of the United States.

A statement of the coins struck at the Mint of the United States from the 1st January to the 31st December, 1820.

Half-eagles. Half-dollars. Quarter-dol-
Dimes. Cents. Value. Number of
pieces struck.
Gold coins, 263,806 $1,319,030 00 263,806
Silver coins, 751,122 127,444 942,587 501,680 70 1,821,153
Copper coins, 4,407,550 44,075 50 4,407,550

263,806 751,122 127,444   942,587   4,407,550   1,864,786 20   6,492,509

Mint of the United States, Treasurer’s Office, Philadelphia, December 30, 1820.