Class 14 — Numismatics of Asia and the Pacific
All numismatic material issued or used in Asia east of the Urals and Iran, and in the southeast Asian, Australasian, and Pacific islands. Excluded is Hawaii under the United States.
E# #c Title and Theme/Purpose
34 1 Silver Neck Ring Money of S.E. Asia’s Hmong People
Southeast Asia’s Hmong people trust only silver, and use it to measure every financial transaction. They convert all paper currency and spare funds into silver jewelry, ingots, etc., which becomes the family’s savings account. Of the many forms, the largest and heaviest are neck rings like the 27.3 ounce specimen in this exhibit. When worn, it displays a family’s wealth.
53 1 World War II New Guinea Trench Art
The exhibit outlines the wide range of souvenirs created during World War II that included numismatic material (coins & notes).
56 2 For the First Time Ever…
Displayed will be a compplete three-piece set of Philippine currency series of 1941 processed by the Bureau of Standards in 1943 to resemble used notes. These were dropped to guerillas fighting the Japanese. Also displayed is the only known complete Naval Aviators’ Emergency Money Packet, also series of 1941 (packets made in 1944). Additionally, copies of not-issued 50, 100, and 500 pesos series of 1941 will be shown. These came from unique proofs in the Smithsonian; they have never been seen by collectors before.