Class 12 — Numismatics of Europe
Numismatic material of any type issued or used in Europe, including Russia east to the Urals.
E# #c Title and Theme/Purpose
12 4 The Evolution of the English Penny
To show the changes in this denomination over fourteen centuries.
29 3 AD Dated Copper Coins of the Fifteenth Century
Five of the seven AD dated copper coins of the 15th century.
45 4 Complete German States 3 Mark Commemorative Type Set (1908-1918)
Three Mark coins were issues by German States from 1908-1918 with commemorative themes. This exhibit contains a complete type collection containing some exceptionally rare pieces including exceedingly scarce examples struck in cardboard.
50 10 The Coinage of Finland
This year is the 150th year of Finnish coinage. This display contains a type collection of this coinage, beginning in the 1860s and continues in historical sequence up to the early 21st century. The coins are accompanied by text which is intended to show the viewer how they reflect Finland’s history, culture, and wildlife, and hopefully leave the person with agreater degree of appreciation for them.