Class 10 — Regional U.S. numismatics
Numismatic material of any type specific to a particular region of the United States, such as the locale where the exhibit is being presented.
E# #c Title and Theme/Purpose
17 3 Medals Issued in Gold by the Chicago Coin Club
The Chicago Coin Club has issued only five medals in gold during its 90-year history. For the first time at an ANA convention, all five medals are shown and described, including purpose issued and mintage of each.
35 5 Indiana State Seal: Variations on a Theme
Indiana provided for a seal in its Constitution when it became a state in 1816. The state seal has had the same elements ever since: a woodsman chopping down a tree, a buffalo, and the sun. Yet the central elements of the seal have varied on medals throughout the history of the state. This exhibit explores those differences in Indiana’s seal.
54 3 A Century of Oregon: Frontier of the Future
Shows the development of Oregon from its admittance as a state in 1859 until 1959, through coins, medals, and tokens.