Class 9 — Coins issued prior to 1500 A.D.
Coins including gold, issued by any government before 1500 A.D.
E# #c Title and Theme/Purpose
32 3 The Denarius System: Origins — Structure — Heritage
About 211 BC, under stress during the Second Punic War with Carthage, the Romans reformed their coinage system and introduced a new monetary unit, the denarius, which would dominate western currency for hundresd of years. This exhibit includes a complete set of the silver and bronze coins that made up the new denarius system and explores the origins of the denarius-based coinage by examining specimens in both Roman and Greek traditions from which the denarius evolved. The significance of the denarius is illustrated by following its subsequent evolution. We see that the denarius remained the priciple silver coin of the Romans for over 400 years. Later still, its heritage is reflected in a monetary unit that flourished throughout Europe from the early medieval period into the modern era.
48 3 Arab/Byzantine Coinage
Our understanding of the evolution of Arab Byzantine coinage to a distinct Arab-Muslim coinage in Arab conquered territories.