Class 5 — Tokens
Items, including encased postage, issued unofficially as a medium of exchange for goods and services or for advertising purposes, but excluding American colonial items included in class 1. Includes Masonic pennies and substances used in lieu of metal.
E# #c Title and Theme/Purpose
8 5 Boy for Sale? Tokens for the Redemption of the Firstborn Son
Jews have redeemed their firstborn sons from the priestly families for more than 3,000 years, in accordance with Biblical law. Normally this was done with coinage of the realm or trade ingots. Special tokens and coins were produced for this purpose only in the last century. This exhibit contains an example of each known redemption token, starting with amulets that may have been made to protect the child from evil forces prior to the redemption ceremony and moving on to purely utilitarian pieces made today.
21 9 “Chicago Man Stakes Claim to Outer Space”
James Thomas Mangan and the Coins of The Nation of Celestial Space

In 1949 Thomas Mangan recorded Celestia’s charter, “announcing and declaring a new sovereign power and nation known as the Nation of Celestial Space.” Mangan proceeded to issue small gold, silver, copper, and goldine coins — captivating the interest of collectors for decades. Many Collectors are intrigued by the coins, but know very little about them. We offer, in the spirit of magnanimity, this exhibit which includes a complete set of coins of The Nation, as well as original documents and items guaranteed to expand your knowledge of the Nation of Celestial Space and it intensely innovative, analytical, and visionary founder, James Thomas Mangan.