Class 4 — Modern coins and medals
Coins issued 1960 and later. Medallic (non-denominated) material issued by a private mint of any country after 1960, including philatelic numismatic covers.
E# #c Title and Theme/Purpose
18 1 Illinois Sesquicentennial Medals, 1968
Series of medals issued for the Illinois 150th anniversary, 1818-1968.
20 2 Remembering Neil Armstrong
This exhibit commemorates the life of Neil A. Armstrong (1930-2012), first man on the moon, via a selection of medals issued for the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission in July, 1969.
22 10 Filling Holes — Coin Collecting the Fun and Easy Way
This exhibit explores one of the oldest and most popular ways to build, organize, store, and display coin collections simply by filling holes. In coin boards, albums, and holders, filling holes is a fun and easy way to begin a lifelong hobby. Even seasoned numismatists remember the fun of filling holes and recall that thrill today, filling holes in coin collections.