Class 3 — Medals, orders, decorations and badges
Medallic items not used as a medium of exchange, or not having trade value. Orders and decorations, convention badges, and badges issued by fraternal orders or other organizations. Excluded are Masonic pennies and tokens included in classes 5-8.
E# #c Title and Theme/Purpose
2 2 Pennsylvania Railroad Heroic Service Medals
The story of the development of the Heroic Service Medals program of the Pennsylvania Railroad is told, in addition to an unapproved Long Island Rail Road variety. Three Heroic Action reprints are highlighted.
9 7 Selected Medals and Coins Commemorating Martin Luther, Philipp Melanchton, and 3 Key Years of the Reformation 1517-1521-1530
The exhibit uses coins and medals, over the course of six centuries, to highlight key participants and events of the Protestant Reformation — an event that changed the history of mankind.
31 7 The Victories of Jose de San Martin — San Lorenzo, Chacabuco, Maipú, and The Crossing of the Andes
The medals and monuments associated with San Martin’s victories.
33 5 A Biography of J-B Daniel Dupuis Thought the Eyes of His Major Numismatic Creations
This exhibit traces the biography of the French Art Noveau artists Jean-Baptiste Daniel Dupuis by examinig most of his life’s work. Excluded from this exhibit are the rare, gold-only medals, and the large cast pieces produced in singular quantities and private prototyptes. Included are his coinage designs as well as the majority of his catalog of medals. His catalog of work does as much as, if not more than, his standard biography to reveal who the man was and what was dear to his heart.
38 4 Yankees in the Land of the Rising Sun
In 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry sailed into Tokyo harbor, forcing a treaty agreement with the Japanese and ending over 200 years of Japanese isolation. A number of medals were issued to commemorate this event, many of which are displayed in this exhibit.