Class 2 — United States fiscal paper
All paper money and bonds issued by the United States government, including military currency; pre-U.S. colonial, Continental, and Confederate paper money and bonds; state and private banknotes and bonds; scrip; college currency; stock certificates. Essays, proofs, and souvenir cards of such items may also be shown.
E# #c Title and Theme/Purpose
3 4 Shared Currency Design Elements 1837-1850
In the years before the Civil War, paper money was issued by thousands of banks and other businesses and individuals. One of the note designers and printers was Danforth Wright & Co. Some of the design elements at its disposal were used on multiple notes. This exhibit looks at a collection of 1837-1850 proof notes that, besides being interesting and attractive, sometimes shared design elements.
27 4 Disney Dollars: A Selection of Scrip From the Magic Kingdom
Disney Dollars are spendable scrip, fun gifts, and colorful souvenirs of fantastic family vacations. This exhibit presents an overview of the features that make Disney Dollars appealing to resort visitors and Disneyana fans, as well as the designs and elements that indicate a sophisticated currency system