Exhibitors' and Judges' Schedule for the
American Numismatic Association
Anniversary Convention

last update: Nov 22, 1998


Exhibitors and judges should be aware of certain important events and their times.

American Numismatic Association
108th Anniversary Convention
Chicago, Illinois

Exhibitors' and Judges' Time/Event Schedule
Tues Aug 10 * 9:00am - 7:00pm Exhibitors may place exhibits
Wed Aug 11 * 8:00am Exhibitors may place exhibits
* 11:00am All exhibits must be in place
* 4:15pm Exhibit judges' meeting
5:00pm Judges commence class judging
9:00pm Judges must vacate exhibit area
Thur Aug 12 7:00am Exhibit area open to judges
5:00pm Class rating sheets to be returned to chief judge
Fri Aug 13 8:00am Class rating sheets delivered to exhibit chairman by chief judge
* 8:30am Exhibitors may pick up rating sheets from exhibit chairman
Written-request-for-review forms available from exhibit chairman
10:30am Deadline for exhibitors to submit written requests for review to exhibit chairman
11:30am Review process completed by chief judge and assistants
12:15pm Senior and YN best-of-show judges' meeting
12:30pm Senior and YN best-of-show judging commences
12:30pm Class judging results delivered to exhibit chairman
3:00pm Best-of-show rating sheets returned to chief judge. Upon completion of processing, results delivered to exhibit chairman.
* 4:00pm Exhibiting and judging seminar
Sat Aug 14 * 1:00pm ANA awards presentation
* 3:00pm YN exhibiting program (in exhibit area)
* 5:00pm Exhibitors' and judges' social hour
* 7:00pm ANA reception
* 8:00pm ANA banquet
Sun Aug 15 * 9:00am Exhibitors attend their exhibits for Q\&A (optional)
* 2:00pm Exhibitors may remove exhibits
* 4:00pm Exhibits must be removed from hall
Judges' Familiarization and Certification Program (JFCP) 1998
Wed Aug 11 * 10:30am Certification applicants attend judging seminar and receive practice judging sheets
Fri Aug 13 Noon Applicants turn in practice judging sheets for evaluation by JFCP staff
Sat Aug 14 * 4:00pm Applicants receive evaluated judging sheets and notice of results
* = included in convention program

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