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Volume 56 No. 12 December 2010

2011 CCC Dues are Due

Check the outside of your printed Chatter. If you see a slip of yellow paper, our records indicate that you still owe your dues for 2011. Mail them to the address on that slip, or bring them to our next meeting.

8 Months until ANA in Chicago

Now is a great time to think about placing an exhibit at ANA. Think of all those snow days with nothing to do! If you will not be able to spend the setup and takedown time at ANA, you should consider presenting at the Numismatic Theater. A few of you might not feel up to either task, so your job will be to badger other club members into those tasks!

The ANA web site has some good pages on creating exhibits; links to their pages are found at Experienced exhibitors Carl Wolf and Mark Wieclaw are willing to lead a local-area workshop on preparing an exhibit. Email your interest in participating, along with any and all questions about exhibiting or speaking, to

Minutes of the 1103rd Meeting

The 1103rd meeting of the Chicago Coin Club was held November 10, 2010 in the Chicago Bar Association Building, 321 S. Plymouth Court, Downtown Chicago. President Jeffrey Rosinia called the meeting to order at 6:45 PM with an attendance of 20 members and 2 guests, Wendy Bierly and Quentin Burrows.

A motion was passed to approve the October Minutes as published in the Chatter. Treasurer Steve Zitowsky reported October income of $500.00, expenses $156.17 and total assets of $14,941.94 held in Life Membership $2,150.00 and member equity $12,791.94. A motion was passed to approve the report.

The application of Quentin Burrows received a first reading.

President Rosinia reminded members the Club will not meet on the second Wednesday of December. The Club’s 2010 Annual Banquet will be on Saturday evening, December 18 at Marcello’s Restaurant, 645 W. North Ave., Chicago. Cocktails begin at 6 PM and dinner at 7 PM. The evening speaker, John Riley, will deliver the program Manila Bay’s Sunken Treasure, a story about thousands of silver pesos dumped in Manila Bay just prior to the invasion by Japanese troops. Many pesos are still unrecovered.

Robert Feiler, Chairman of the Nominations Committee, announced the official slate for the Election of Officers to take place at the December meeting. The nominees are Jeffrey Rosinia, President; Lyle Daly, First V.P.; Elliott Krieter, Second V.P.; Directors: Eugene Freeman, Marc Stackler & Carl Wolf; Immediate Past President Robert Feiler.

Mark Wieclaw, Assistant General Chairman of the 2011 ANA Convention, announced the next planning committee meeting on Wednesday, November 17, 6:00PM at Harlan J. Berk’s office, 77 W. Washington Street, Suite 1320 Downtown Chicago. Harlan will provide free parking vouchers for the Wabash-Randolph Self Park, 20 E. Randolph.

The evening’s program was an auction featuring 60+ lots of numismatic material from the estates of Don Valenziano, William Pettit and Charles Menard.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Carl Wolf, Secretary

Auction Results
November 10, 2010

These are the realized prices for the lots listed in the November Chatter.

15  70.00
25  32.00
39  25.00
50  18.00

Current Advertisers

Central States Numismatic Society Chicago Coin Company
Krause Publications Harlan J. Berk, Ltd.

Third Meeting of the ANA 2011 Convention Host Committee

October 20, 2010

Meeting called to order at 5:50 by General Chairman Bob Leonard. Meeting was held in the offices of Harlan J. Berk, 77 W. Washington, Chicago. Also in attendance were Harlan Berk, Bill Burd, Eugene Freeman, Elliott Kreiter, Paul Hybert, Richard Lipman, David Simpson, Mark Wieclaw, and Carl Wolf.

The committee extended thanks to Mr. Berk for providing the meeting room, as well as supper and parking reimbursement.

Registration Committee (Bob Weinstein, via email): He reported on progress by himself and others attending coin club meetings and spreading the word about the convention. The host committee is open to having clubs with good volunteer participation included as Honorary Host Clubs.

The committee broke for supper at this point.

Branding Committee (Mr. Burd): The committee plans to submit a budget for shirts to ANA and find out if ANA can provide a sponsor. If not, the committee expects to find a local sponsor. The theme of the convention will apparently be “Chicago: My Kind of Numismatic Town.”

There was discussion about the new Host Club and Committee Manual and whether or not ANA headquarters was following it. The consensus was that our committee needs more open communications with ANA, and better definitions of responsibilities.

Volunteers Committee (Mr. Wolf): So far 46 volunteers have signed up, and there will be opportunities at coin shows and through email requests. Mr. Wolf thought 80-100 volunteers would be a sufficient number, and could be signed up. He intends to keep in touch with them on such topics as shirt size and language and technical skills.

Exhibits Committee (Mr. Hybert): He has talked to Chief Judge Joe Boling. There are still unknowns such as setup and takedown times, and convention theme (still uncertain, per Joe); these need ANA clarification. Mr. Wolf and Mr. Wieclaw suggested they could lead a workshop for prospective CCC exhibitors. Mr. Lipman suggested having an exhibit resource person available for those with questions. Mr. Hybert agreed to write a brief article for the December Chatter inviting CCC members to exhibit competitively.

Medal Committee (Mr. Simpson): Since the submission of the club’s medal proposal of a portrait of J. Henri Ripstra, with a Ferris Wheel theme on the reverse showing previous ANA conventions in Chicago, the ANA has moved on to planning a series of (at least) four Chicago conventions. For that reason, the committee plans to shortly submit proposals for themes for a series of four medals. Once the proposals are in ANA’s hands, they will go to designers for their input. Mr. Simpson asked for committee feedback on design proposals, and any new ideas. Richard Lipman offered several ideas about medal and was invited to join the Medal Committee.

Noncompetitive Exhibits (Mr. Berk): He says he has arranged with the Field Museum for the first struck World’s Columbian Exposition half dollar and WCE medals and dies. He also arranged for the outstanding Carl Subak collection of 10 thaler silver coins to be displayed, to which another 10 thaler coin owned by another member could be added, if this person decides not to exhibit it competitively by itself. Finally, a peerless collection of Gobrecht dollars is being provided by the ANS. An exhibit of rare Russian coins from the Smithsonian is not being pursued due to the impossibility of raising the cost requested by them to prepare and display it.

Numismatic Theater (Mike Gasvoda not present): He is compiling a list of possible speakers. Harlan Berk quickly proposed five additional names for the list: Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert (ancient Greek coins), Curtis Clay (Roman coins), Tom DeLorey (U.S. coins), Dennis Forgue (currency), and (with a little nudging from Bob Leonard) himself (engraver’s signatures on ancient Greek coins). Mr. Leonard discussed with Curtis Clay (who was present in the office but not attending the meeting) his desire to see Mr. Clay present a program on Mr. Clay’s researches into the later Roman Empire’s use of three dies to strike coins.

Outreach/Local Transportation Committee (Mr. Kreiter): He is compiling a list of Midwest clubs to contact.

Pages Committee (Mr.Lipman): He has talked to two previous Pages Committee chairmen and read reports. He can contact the YN director at ANA for further guidance.

Patron Committee (Mr. Berk): No action until ANA determines whether it will be changing the contribution ranges, as suggested by the host committee. Patron contributions raised about $6,400 at Boston.

Scout Workshops (Mr. Freeman): He has had success contacting Girl Scout Councils, reaching three out of the four councils, and is pursuing Boy Scout Council contacts. He has contacted PCGS for gifts, and ANA is offering a free six-month membership to participants. Some scouts will have already done 2011 workshops associated with the Central States show. sHe will also invite scouts to become pages.

Assistant General Chairman (Mark Wieclaw): He and Mr. Leonard visited two of the Rosemont convention hotels and the convention center. Facilities looked good. Mr. Leonard will contact the convention center about trying some of the food, which has reportedly been improved.

Upcoming meetings will be November 17 (to be lead by Mr. Wieclaw), January 19, February 16, March 16, and April 20. Time will be 6:00, with food served first.

Mr. Simpson said he would work on a newsletter and dining guide, similar to what was done in Boston. There will need to be a logo. A dining guide can list restaurant specials.

A speakers’ medal for the Numismatic Theater was discussed. Perhaps 24 CCC speakers’ medals could be produced. Mr. Wolf will look into pricing. The committee also noted that the theater director would need to keep all speakers on time.

Mr. Freeman noted that many people arrived hours before the Boston show started and had nothing to do. Several members believe there is value in having early bird admissions, and that people would be willing to pay extra.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50.

Respectfully submitted,
David Simpson

Our December Banquet (1104th Meeting)

Date:December 18, 2010 (This is on a Saturday!)
Time:6PM to 7PM Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres
7PM to 9 PM+ Dinner and Meeting
Location:Marcello’s Restaurant, 645 West North Avenue, Chicago, IL 312-654-2560. Ample free parking is available in their parking lot. If public transportation is taken, it’s just east of the North Avenue subway stop on the CTA Red Line.

Dinner will start with a Caesar Salad tossed with Crispy Croutons served with Caesar Dressing, and continue with: Oven Roasted Rosemary Chicken, Cheese Stuffed Mushroom Ravioli smothered with Marcello’s Signature Marinara Sauce, Crispy Broasted Potato Wedges, Grilled Asparagus Spears brushed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Fresh Herbs. Dessert will be assorted Mini Pastries including Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Carrot & Lemon Chiffon.

The cost is $40.00 per person and reservations are required. Make your check payable to Chicago Coin Club, P.O. Box 2301, Chicago, IL 60690. If time is short, e-mail your reservation to, or call 773-878-8979 during workdays and make arrangements to pay at the door.

Please make reservations as early as you can so we can plan for an appropriate room size.


John Riley on Manila Bay’s Sunken Treasure
Prior to the Japanese capture of the Philippines in World War II, the Central Bank evacuated 73 tons of gold and silver coins to the U.S. Mint in San Francisco. However, 15.7 million silver coins (U.S. $7.85 Million) remained. For ten days in April 1942, crews dropped into Manila Bay thousands of boxes, each containing 6,000 silver pesos! Under the direction of their Japanese captors, Prisoner-of-War crews officially recovered only $2.5 million. At the War’s end, the U.S. and Philippine Governments raised another 10.3 million pesos. To this day, there are approximately 2.5 million pesos unrecovered. The Saturday Evening Post first told the story to the public in 1952, Reader’s Digest told the story in 1959, and a Philippines-made movie, Pacific Inferno, told it in 1985. Be sure to attend John Riley’s presentation and hear the story of a large treasure only partially recovered to this day.

Agenda: Award Presentations
Election of Club Officers

Important Dates

December 18 CCC Meeting on Saturday - Annual Banquet - Featured Speaker - John Riley on Manila Bay’s Sunken Treasure
January 12 CCC Meeting - Featured Speaker - Paul Johnson on The Coinage of Roman Egypt
February 9 CCC Meeting - Featured Speaker - Zoujun Dai on Coin Collecting in China
March 9 CCC Meeting - Featured Speaker - Robert Weinstein on 19th Century Chicago Merchant Tokens
March 11-13 16th Annual Chicago Paper Money Expo (CPMX) at the Crown Plaza Chicago O’Hare, 5440 North River Road, Rosemont, IL. Admission is $5 for Friday and Saturday; free on Sunday.
March 12 CCC Meeting - 1pm at the Chicago Paper Money Expo, which is held at the Crown Plaza Chicago O’Hare, 5440 North River Road, Rosemont, IL. No admission charge for our meeting.
Featured Speaker - to be announced

Chatter Matter

All correspondence pertaining to Club matters should be addressed to the Secretary and mailed to:

P.O. Box 2301

Club Officers

Jeffrey Rosinia- President
Lyle Daly- First Vice President
Elliott Krieter- Second Vice President
William Burd- Archivist
Directors:Robert Feiler
Eugene Freeman
Marc Stackler
Carl Wolf
Other positions held are:
Carl Wolf- Secretary
Steve Zitowsky- Treasurer
Paul Hybert- Chatter Editor

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